Idye poly pastel shades
  • Hello!
    I'm dyeing 5 identical white tulle skirts in pastel shades so using idye poly. The yellow has worked brilliantly, with a diluted amount. The purple has worked too. The pink didn't take very well and it was too purple so thinking of using diluted red instead? The Kelly green dyed the skirt blue! I can't understand why. Should I re-dye it yellow? I'm aprehensive about dyeing the last skirt now....
  • You can get a pastel pink with the red. Pink is mixture of dyes to get a bright pink, and sometimes these mixtures don't work as well when they aren't used full strength. Red is a pure color, so it should dilute just fine.

    Keep in mind you can always dye darker with the poly, so trying a very pale color first is a good move.

    I heard the other day that another customer tried kelly green and got blue. I think this was a packaging mistake and is not an issue with the dye itself. I believe that there was a blue dye in a green packet. I am happy to replace this package please email me your address at:
  • If you have a batch number on the Kelly green as well, I would like to know so we can figure this out.

    It is the 5 or 6 digit stamped on in black.