Acid Dye crimson 619 Batch 37592
  • I have Crimson 619 acid dye from batch 37592 that I purchased in a 5lb jar in late June of 2015. I am currently having great difficulty reproducing the deep rich color that I obtained in July 2015. I am dyeing 10lbs of merino wool in a very large vat. I soaked the fiber with a small amt of synthrapol for 12 hrs prior to dyeing. I used 7gms of dye per lb of fiber, heated to 180-185 degrees F for 30 mins. with citric acid. I removed the fiber from the bath while still hot and washed with Synthrapol. The fiber is more pinkish than red. Any helpful suggestions?
  • This is tough. Was their any evidence of exposure to water? Was the dye cakey or clumped?
  • The dye powder is stored in its original container and tightly sealed, No clumps or cakes.
  • I missed how much dye you are using. You are using less than 1% by weight. You can safely add up to 8% . 8% would be more like 80 grams for a lb which would be the max. Maybe you were adding 70 grams in June? You can definitely pump up the amount of dye you are using. I would expect only a light pink from 7g/lb