Cold or warm water dyeing of rip stop nylon fabric.
  • I have a need to batik rip stop nylon fabric. I have been using iDyePoly dyes successfully for years but they require very hot water to dye and that would melt the wax in the batiking process. Is there a way to dye nylon fabric whit warm water?
  • I would use microcrystalline wax

    It is good up to 170 degrees. Keep the temp under that, and use the Acid dyes. Most of them work on nylon, with a couple of exceptions. Mostly the greens and blues. If you have a specific color you want to use, I can check and see if it is one that works well on nylon.
  • Hi! I am attempting to dye a Matte Nylon/Spandex blend fabric Olive green, and am wondering how well the Acid dye would work on that blend? If not the acid dye, which one would you suggest? Thank you.
  • That should work great. The spandex should work well too as it is actually made from nylon.

    If you find that maybe it is not all nylon as it says, you can always use the poly, but I suggest the Acid dye for spandex because it require a lower temp that is less likely to damage the stretchiness.