How to heat set paint on a canvas cowboy hat
  • Hi there, I am new to this forum and need some helpful advice please. I have purchased the range of Jacquard Lumiere and Jacquard Opaque Acrylic paints to hand paint cowboy hats. The hats look beautiful, the paint is wonderful, but I really need some tips on how I would heat set the paints on these hats without damaging the hats? The hats are made of shantung straw and canvas.
    If you can help or contribute any advice, I thank you in advance.
    Cheers, Sharon
  • Hello Sharon,

    There are 2 ways to do this. A heat gun is the most common way. Be very careful and back off the hat so that you don't burn a hole especially with the straw.

    The easier and safer way is to use Airfix. It is a "chemical heat set" that will do the same as ironing, but is used for this exact reason when you have something difficult to iron. You just add the airfix to the paint you are using that session(don't add directly to the bottle, as it will dry even with the lid closed.) and then the paint will be tough and durable in 72 hrs.

  • Thank you for that information. Perhaps you could help me with two more questions in relation to this?
    1. If the item is not going to be washed [just wiped down with a damp cloth now and then] do the paints need to be heat set? The hats are finished with a gloss sealant to make them water resistant for wiping down; and
    2. Would a hairdryer on the highest heat setting do the job of heat setting the paint?

    Cheers, Sharon
  • All of our paints are very permanent even without heat setting as long as they are not going to be laundered. It sounds like these are in an especially low risk category especially as you are putting a sealer with waterproofing over top. I would not be concerned at all, and wouldn't even bother with the hair dryer.