I wat orange, russet and red, but all I get is purple/pink
  • I am new to acid dye but have plenty of experience with natural dyes. I am very thankful that it is black walnut season so that I can toe down/darken the unexpected gaudy colours, all in the purple/pink shades.

    I am dyeing on silk ad wool. Why am I getting purples and pinks from deep orange, russet and fire red. I use distilled water and follow the instructions. Even the dye powder does not look the right colours, especially the orange. Can't figure it out.


  • I haven't heard this one. Very often the color of the dye in powder form is not representative of the color once it is mixed with water. It is the color in water that matters.

    Usually if you do not get the right color with the acid dyes, it is because the water was not hot enough. The water should be 180 degrees F. If the temp is not a problem please send me pictures and batch numbers at alex@jacquardproducts.com
  • Thank you for responding.
    The next time I dye, I will send a photo. I have overdyed them all with black walnut husks or green dye to subdue the colours....all burgundies now. There was no issue with the water not being hot enough. For all three colours, the dye colour in the water was a purple/pink. The green is true to the colour. I currently have the dye heating up with the deep yellow and it is an orange colour. Lot numbers:
    Deep orange: 37580 (turns out fucia every time)
    Russet: 2855(6?)54 (turns out purple every time)
    Fire Red: 34696 (turns out bright purple every time eve with lots of dye)

    Could it be how the dyes were stored?

    I am making some lovely colours but I'm kind of frustrated because I needed the colours above to make needle felting kits for sale at a craft schow in 2 weeks. I sourced, washed and carded the wool myself. I have no need for purple for this purpose. Brown is more useful to me, in fact.
    I get much more predictable results from natural dyeing. We'll see how the yellow works out. Maybe I can get orange that way at least!

    Is there any harm if the dye gets too hot? Just curious. that happened once with the green to no ill effect.


  • Getting the dye too hot should not be a big issue. Usually you want to not get the water too hot for the fabric more than the dye.