First time using acid dyes, poor results, need advice
  • So I tried to dye some 100% cotton and wool using the Jacquard Acid dyes and had very disappointing results. I thought I followed the instructions - had a little less than 2 lbs of fabric, prewashed and damp, used 2 gallons of water with .5 oz container of acid dye, heated to correct temp, added 2 TBS citric acid powder once up to temp, stirred and kept hot for over half hour. The dye bath looked like the beautiful deep teal that I was trying to achieve, but when I rinsed and washed the fabric it was a very faint pale green. Not at all what I was hoping for. What did I do wrong??
  • Sorry I just realized I should have posted this in the dyeing forum...
  • I am a little confused about the fiber content. If it was 100% cotton I am not surprised. Acid dyes only work well on Nylon and protein fibers(Wool, silk, feathers, animal fur). The colors don't look good at all on cotton unfortunately. If you did something that was 100% cotton and 100% wool the two should look very different. Is that the case?
  • The fabric is woven cotton and wool. White cotton warp with grey wool weft. The grey wool fiber did not take up any dye at all. The cotton came out very pale dyed. So what would be the best way to dye this fabric? Would it take two different dyes? It would be acceptable if the wool portion came out dark and the cotton was pale.
  • Yes there is something wrong here. It sounds like it is not real wool. I would hazard a guess that the wool portion is actually synthetic. This result would be consistent with cotton being the only natural fiber. Cotton is very bad at taking the acid dyes.

    More important for you to send me pictures now.