colors separating on the size- water marbling
  • I am having trouble with too much blank space between colors on top of the size. The colors initially spread, but don't really touch each other. After a couple of minutes, the colors pull away from each other even more. I am using Jacquard Marbling colors. Any ideas what I could do to get better color saturation?
  • This sounds a bit like skin forming on top of your size. You need to skim the skin off each time you do the next round of marbling. When that skin forms it gets pushed between the colors and separates them. Let me know if this helps.
  • I skim it frequently, and always immediately before applying paint. Could it be a problem with my size? Or can other variables affect the way the paints behave?
  • It might be a problem with the size. I wonder if you are using cold size? Are you using it directly from the refrigerator? or has it warmed to room temp?
  • I was just thinking about this, and it can also happen that gall has gotten on the size and separated the colors. This would increase the more prints you made.