idye poly black turned grey
  • i dyed a off white 100% polyester childs dress with the black idye poly but its come out a very dark grey colour if i dyed it again would it go black?
  • Hi there,
    Thank you for writing in.
    Over dyeing with the black iDye Poly will take it to black. I just want to check, though, did you bring the original dye bath to a rolling boil? Generally, the iDye Poly dyes very successfully if you use the stove top method and if you did not use that method originally (or plan to use it with the second dyeing) then you may not achieve the full black color.
    Let me know if you have any questions about this.

  • Good Morning!! I had a polyester white skirt that I was to dye black. I used two packages, followed the instructions, watched the video and it came out medium grey. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • Heat and the color intensifier are the 2 most important things that make the black really black. It must be a true boil with the poly dye.

    The other problem can be if you have natural content. The natural fiber content will not dye with the poly. You can combine the 2 dyes(Idye natural and Idye poly) and boil in the same pot at the same time to dye both natural and poly content.
  • I have a polyester/velour chair cover I am wanti to dye. It is pink with white polka dots. I want to dye it grey. I'm not concerned about keeping he polka dots. Am I better off trying to bleach the cover then using the silver grey dye? Any advice would be great.

  • @jchristopher This is tough. It can be hard to get the color out of the chair with bleach as poly dye is resistant to bleach. Getting rid of the dots may not be easy either. I would consider using a dark grey like the Gunmetal grey instead of the pearl which is much lighter.

    You might also want a little green in there to dull down the pink and make it more grey.