Immersion/ tie dyeing DIYers- WANT TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS
  • Hi Annette/DIY dyers :)

    I wanted to ask you if any of you has any experience with adding extra colors of dye in the immersion bath with 1 color dye already in it?

    Direct application method is good too but i find the saturation and effect better with immersion dyeing for some reason- (i am referring to an accordian fold pattern) -the lines are too crisp and boring for my liking when not dipped in immersion dye bath (if done crisply) or just too weird (like some videos on youtube- too child project ish ? Dont understand the need for very perfect tie dyeing- why not just print instead? I think that tie dyeing should only be done in a way that print cannot and vice versa- the whole beauty of tie dyeing in my eyes is about randomness/chaos and non conformity of color- Just seems not as artistic to create very crisp patterns?

    Love to hear everyone's thoughts on this? But im still trying to understand the vocabulary of tie dyeing- I get into different mediums but it takes time to figure out a new medium (in my case dyeing at this moment) So thats why this discussion- what are your thoughts?

  • Hi AK,

    The first thing to know about adding dye to an existing dye bath is that you will be building color on color. So - if you started with yellow and you add blue, the yellow will turn green. If you have removed your fabric and created a different fold you may retain some of the yellow if it is an area that is well bound. Adding additional colors, unless you stay in the analogous range (for example with the yellow and blue adding teal or golden yellow) you would begin to get muddy colors (which can also be beautiful if done right!).

    would love to hear from other folks on this, too!
  • Hi Annette,

    Here is a picture of clamp resist tshirt- after the first few swatches of fabric i finally decided to do a tshirt- fabric yardage is easier to clamp i think than a tshirt- but anyway just thought id show you a picture-

  • woah - good clamping! Those are some beautiful squares & I love the visual texture you achieved along the red boarders - I'd wear that shirt!!
    And, yeah, binding yardage is much easier than binding garments. Those pesky seams and design elements - like sleeves and neck lines - can create some challenges, but it looks to me like they are really slowing you down!

    thanks for sharing!!
  • Hi Annette thanks :) Just trying to communicate with the dyes at this stage and using the principle of simplicity - i tried direct application on some fabric swatches some folding techniques but its just not doing anything for me visually -

    Hope to do another project in the new few days- i think im using this forum as a blog- just nice to be able to communicate with other people into the fiber arts !
  • 'blog' on! I love that you are sharing your results, expressing you ideas and asking your questions here...the perfect point of a forum, in my humble opinion.

  • I think as a dyer it's good to have control when you want it and be able to be loose when that is the effect you are trying to achieve. As you learn and understand and play with the medium your options expand.....
  • I understand- maybe one day i try more of it and build a better understanding of direct application for patterning- I tried some direct application on swatches- basic mandala patterns and other effects- it was really un interesting - perhaps i dont have the skill yet for direct application or just dont know how to push the limits- If you have images/websites you could recommend where i could see some good work done using direct application methods, id be happy to see them. I tried looking at peoples work and just did not seem to like those extremely colorful mandala patterns etc- though i LOVE bright colors personally and am not a "subdued" person when it comes to fashion! LOL but pls feel free to recommend links for me! Thanks for your time in writing this... With your dyeing experience, id be happy to seek your advice!
  • Hi Cavy82,
    Here is my facebook business page: Take a look at some of my work and if you have any questions I'd love to share. You'll see I enjoy the control because it's kind of a challenge for me and I have a graphic design background. But I also enjoy what happens when you let go and let it happen I guess. That's why I tell people, I play a lot when I'm dyeing. But it is also a business for me and I get a lot of requests for the classic tie dye.
    However, I do charge more for my art pieces. (I actually sign some of my shirts.)

  • haha its Cavy82 not Crazy - crazy is good too makes good artists LOL
  • Sorry Cavy82...I looked at it wrong....I'll fix it!
  • Haha no worries i wasnt serious - ! I saw your facebook page - you have a huge variety of items and excellent control of pattern !! that must have taken you years !! Do you know i was only drawn to dyeing very recently because i love Shibori- thats when i had to buy some dyes and play around to see what i could do !!! Good job JO- !!

    I think in my next project on a tshirt i want to dye the entire tshirt a pastel color and then clamp and then overdye a darker color so instead of the clamped areas being white, id have come color there - but im going for soft colors - or maybe i can do a base ombre and then clamp and overdye--- i dont know which colors would work though i need to figure that out so the dyes dont end up looking messy - lets see!
  • Actually I thought it was funny that I did that...ah getting older is so amusing.....

    Have fun playing!
  • haha yes thanks!!! :) i find it funny too i thiink im going to introduce myself to people as "crazy" now :)
  • Jo,

    LOVE your tie dye on black patterns!!

  • Thank you Annette....I'm pretty fond of those as well.

  • Hi Guys,

    Here another one i did today- immersion bath - but i wanted a deep blue- the dye said Navy blue- i used about 12 heaping teaspoons soda ash and about 10 (one half) teaspoons of dye- so i guess thats 5 teaspoons in 2.3 litres of water and left it in for 2 hours- then washed it very well in water cold first for the first few times and hot boiling water after about twice- it dried and i took this picture.

    Did i just use less dye in general? These arent Jacquard dyes though...

    I like this color too as it works fine for this particular design-

  • Hi Cavy,

    Great pattern - love the blocked squares on the body and arms!
    In general, all your measurements sound right for good deep color (based on our product). Probably a good idea to check the instructions for the specific manufacturer of the Procion you are using - not all are equal!

  • Hi Annette,

    Thank you- Ill ask the dye supplier -