Light Dye Using iDye Poly
  • Hello! I got the iDye Poly in lilac to dye this dress:

    BUT I only want to dye it a very light color, about the lightness of actual lilacs. Any suggestions?? I found this: Poly Instructions.pdf

    but it only briefly explains how to get a light color. Do I dump the entirety of both packets in the water? It just says "dissolve dye packet in small container with hot water." Does this mean it doesn't need to be done over the stove? If so, would a big plastic bowl work? And how long should I let it sit?

    Thank you kindly!
  • Hi there,

    Cute dress!
    In order to dye your dress a lighter tone you'll want to use less of the dye. So, best way to go about it would be to dissolve the entire packet in a quart (or there about) jar of very hot water. Once it has dissolved you will use whatever portion of the dye liquor you want. I would err to the side of caution - perhaps as little as 1/16th the full amount. The dress looks pretty lightweight, maybe a pound of fabric and the full packet is designed to dye 2 - 3 pounds of fabric full strength color? You could always redye if the color were not deep enough to suit you.
    As for the dye process - you will want to dye on the stove top - polyester is notoriously difficult to dye unless you use sufficient heat during the process.

    if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.
  • Thanks Annette, that helps a lot!! A do have a few more questions though:

    I was reading some reviews on amazon for this product and there was at least one person that said they had a problem with the fabric bleeding many washes after it was originally dyed. Do you have a solution to this problem?

    Also, would you recommend letting it boil for the half hour to an hour? Or does it need to boil longer because of the lighter color? I've also heard some people recommend that when you're done boiling the fabric, have it sit in the dye-water for about an hour so the water cools and the color sets better that way. Have you experienced this as well? Do you recommend it?
  • Hi again,

    A couple of things may be going on with the person that had on-going bleeding. They may have not boiled the fabric long enough, or there may have been another component in the fabric that wasn't holding onto the poly dye. It could be that is a bleedy color - some colors are more prone to bleeding. The one ever-and-always I'd recommend is to wash any dyed garment in cool/cold water and with like colors.
    As for the full boil - I don't think you really need to go the full hour, but definitely go for the 1/2 hour. There's no real chemistry that supports letting the garment sit in the water until it has cooled for better setting.

  • Annette,

    I know this was forever ago, but I just wanted to say, thank you a ton for the help!! The result was perfect, exactly the color I was trying to achieve. Thanks!!:)
  • Yay! and you are most welcome!