• I want to use turquoise and a green for an Ikat stencil. The turquoise you have looks fine but the apple green seems too light for what I want (looking for sort of a lighter green/charcoal gray mix. The emerald green looks good to but would need to be lightened up. Is it better to try and darken a color you have available or lighten one up?

    I am stenciling curtains in a '94 Airstream. They have been washed (no fabric softener), air dried, and ironed; texture is somewhat nubby. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Susan,

    Thanks for your question.
    Based on the color names you've used I'm assuming you are talking about using the Textile Colors - please let me know if I'm wrong.
    However, going forward with my assumption I would recommend darkening a color over trying to lighten a color. (actually, I would always recommend darkening rather than lightening) Did you have a color in mind to use with the green? If it were me I'd probably start with the Neutral Grey to get to your 'charcoal green' color. Add the Grey to the Green just a bit at a time as I suspect it will reach your color target with a small amount of the Grey.

    hope this helps,
  • You are correct and thanks for the advice! If all goes well I will post before and after pictures.
  • I look forward to hearing from you!