Use of No Flow on TOP of Green Label Dyes BEFORE fixing?
  • I know I can use no flow on a blank silk piece before painting with dyes. However, if I put the no flow on top of a painted but unfixed dyed base will the dyes move - will I get patches? Or will I then be able to create pattern on top?
  • Hi Arita,

    I think you might get some movement of the dye...not sure just what affect it will have on the final color. The idea is intriguing - working a pattern over the top of your base color...
    Wish I had a more definite answer for you, if you do testing will you share?

  • I was thinking also of diluting the dye with the no-flow rather than water as an option….. will experiment and then share the results.

  • Arati,

    That's a great idea, adding the base color dye to No Flow...
  • I haven't had time to experiment, but soon hopefully!
  • It didn't work :(