Steaming time for scarves painted with Green Label Dyes
  • I am new to using the Green Label dyes (worked with paint before), and need to know how long I should steam (stove-top) - per scarf (45 x 180 cm long) wrapped in steamer paper.

    2 hours? Is that enough?

    Can I steam more than one scarf together for 2 hours?


    And no idea whether I can put ties in as well? Would they take longer because of the layers of fabric?

    I tried dyeset, but a lot of the colour faded.
  • Hi again,

    With scarves this size about an hour would work. If you want to do more than one scarf at a time it would be a good idea to increase the time...up to two hours. Start your timing when the steam chamber reaches about 200 degrees F.
    And your observation with the Dye Set Concentrate is accurate, though allowing the pieces to dry 72 hours before setting with the concentrate will help improve the brilliancy.

  • Thanks, Annette. I built myself a stove top steamer in a stockpot using online instructions, and steamed my first two scarves today. Nothing got wet, and the water didn't run out or dampen the steaming roll. The true test is when I wash them in a couple of days, I guess!
  • They came out fine, hardly any dye washed out. Happy.

    But they are creased because I rolled them to put in the stove top steamer. Would drycleaning remove the creases?
  • Congratulations!
    I'm not sure if dry cleaning removes creases. Sure hope that works!

  • Thanks, Annette

    I tried a really hot steam iron after dampening with vinegar and water, with a cloth over, and one scarf is sorted, the other needs a little more ironing.