Cotton/Spandex dye
  • I'm a newbie to this and am trying to dye some jackets for a dance recital this weekend (jet black, cerulean, fuschia)! The jackets are 97% cotton/3% spandex ... should I use Procion MX or an Acid Wash? With or without soda ash? Also, is there any way to dye with cold water, as these jackets were ordered to fit and I'm afraid they'll shrink in hot water!
  • Hi pholivia,

    Ooh the pressure of creating something for public view:o!

    Use the Procion MX dyes, they are "cold water" dyes meant for use on cellulose fibers---ie cotton. With 97% cotton you should get good results. You will need soda ash, it is the critical component for fixing the dye. Follow these instructions for immersion dyeing cellulose fibers (the link will take you right to the correct page). Although the Procion dyes are cold water dyes--in the dye world this term is relative--the water you will be using is about 105 degrees (hot tap water). Black can be a challenging color to get. For darkest shades use 4 tablespoons dye, 3 cups salt, 1/3 cup soda ash per 3 gallons of water and one pound of fabric.
    To get the color even, be sure to stir the dye bath well.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for the info! Will it help at all if I leave the black jackets in the dye longer or would that just be a waste of time? I'm sure no matter what happens, my little dancers will be adorable!!!! image
  • Yes. Keep the jackets in the black dyebath for the maximum length of time--about 1hr--stirring regularly.

    You have the perfect outlook on this! Your little dancers can't help but be adorable!

    Have fun!