Instructions needed
  • Hi,

    Now that I found such a helpful forum I cannot stop asking:)

    This time I would like to know is there a product to handpaint/stamp/stencil opaque black on white viscose/lycra(spandex) fabric for summer garments that would withstand frequent washing.

  • Hi Ana,

    Hooray! Ask away!
    We do have several products that can be used in the ways you listed.
    I'd top my list of recommendations with our Lumiere & Neopaque line of fabric paints. Take a look at those
    If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to ask.

  • Thank you, you are so helpful to an amateur. I was lost among so many possibilities, now it's easier to concentrate on specific paint.
  • you are most welcome!
  • More instructions needed

    Is it possible to make cream color 65%cotton/33% silk/2%spandex fabric completely white?
  • Hi Ana,

    You could try our Color Remover.
    Because you have to use very hot water (near boil) with the Color Remover and spandex can be adversely affected by hot water I would strongly suggest you do a test first. You can snip a bit of fabric?
    That will also tell you if the dyes used on the fabric are actually going to be affected by the color remover. The chances are good, with these fabric types, that they were dyed, but there is a possibility that pigments were used to color the fabric and if that is the case then nothing (in my experience) is going to remove that color.

    hope this helps
  • I have a 10cm peace already soaked in boiling water, the fiber is ok but the color is even darker. I know silks are naturally not white but rather treated to become white, so hot water returned the natural color of silk. Thank you any way , I appreciate your expertise, just it seems I'll have another creamy shirt.