Lumiere success on corset
  • I won the costume contest! I would love to post a picture if someone would tell me how...
  • Ahhh! that's awesome!
    I haven't yet figured out how to post an image to this forum...maybe someone else might know?

  • Post the link to a location in an online storage account (Flickr, Facebook, etc.)
  • Ok I just had to figure this out myself. I started with Instagram and frankly it was too complicated. So I posted a photo on Flickr and then you simply copy the link into your message here. Then when you post your new discussion your link will become clickable and others can see your photos.
  • With that said I see that others have been able to post the photo directly into the comment section of the discussion. Can anyone share how you did that? Thank you.
  • I am testing this to see if pictures will post with embed codes.
  • Lovely, I just bought a class in corset making. Now you have me thinking about designing my own fabric!
  • Did the fabric still feel the same or more stiff like regular paint does to fabric?
  • Lumiere does have some texture to it. If feels slightly rubbery. You can make it feel softer by adding about 10% water. Don't worry about the adhesion, Lumiere sticks better than any other paint.