Bleeding ink after scotchgard
  • I followed instructions on package, however, there is no specific time for drying after printing. I've read several comments on letting the fabric dry for 24 hours and also setting image with heat. Neither one of these are printed in instructions that came with the fabric sheets. So, my question is, do I let the ink dry 24 hours-then heat set with an iron -then spray with scotchgard? Or do I heat set immediately after printing, then scotchgard??? Or, if I heat set after allowing to dry for 24 hours, do I still need to scotchgard? My image bled when I used scotchgard. Help. I don't want to ruin several sheets before I get it right.
  • Hi Cyndi,

    I'm going to presume that you are using our InkJet Fabric Sheet.
    Allowing the fabric to dry for 24 hours is a good idea, however heat setting with an iron or dryer will make no difference to the fastness of the ink.
    After the 24 hours, light application of the scotchgard product, allowing each application to dry before the next, will protect your image for gentle washing. The trick is to keep the application of the scotchgard very light.

    hope this helps
  • Thanks for the feedback... I will try again!