Bridesmaid Dress Help
  • Hello I am in need of some urgent help my mum bought the bridesmaid dress for my wedding except sh bought the right style but wrong color, She bought a silver color when it needs to be black. The material is 65% cotton and 35% polyester I am wanting to know if you could please advise me what product and method of applying the dye would be best.

    Thankyou in anticipation,
  • Hello,

    Yikes! Okay, when I hear that this is a bridesmaid dress for your wedding I get real nervous...we are on the front lines now:)
    What you'll want to use for this fabric combo is the iDye for Natural Fibers and iDye Poly for the polyester. You will be able to dye in one step, but you are going to need a large pot (large enough to allow the dress to move about freely) and you'll be doing this on stove top.
    Here is a link to the iDye page - colors, instructions, and most helpful a, video that will show you exactly what you will be doing.
    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate.

  • Hi Annette, thank you for replying to my question regarding dying my bridesmaid dresses is there a chance I can complete the dying method another way as i do not have a pot big enough. The other thing i wanted to know was there are some gem stones on the dress i am guessing they will change colour when I dye the dress how can i get the dye off them
  • Hi again,

    Because of the high poly content and because you are going for black you really will need to use the stove top method to have the best chance of success. If it were me I wouldn't try any other way.
    As for the gemstones - depending on what they are made from, for instance glass, they shouldn't take any color. However, if they are plastic they will most likely take on some color from the dye and you'll probably not be able to remove the dye.

    wish I had better news for your:(
  • The dying method depends on the material of your bridesmaid dress and the color which you want to dye on it based on this you can decide which method will suit in dying your dress.