Pearl-Ex and embossed metals - What is the best medium to use?
  • Hello, fellow artisans --


    Has anyone had success with applying Pearl-ex to embossed aluminum (such as ArtEmboss which is essentially colored aluminum)? I have a large number of autumn leaves I need to manufacture for a busy New England festival, and would appreciate any assistance. The end product will need to stand up to years of light and possibly some light abrasion or rubbing of pieces (I'll post a few pictures of finished items -- you'll see what I mean at that time).

    I was thinking of embossing the leaves first, making sure they were "roughed up a bit" to help the coating adhere. The question comes down to a clear medium to use for adhering the Pearl-ex to the completed metal leaves. Is a clear acrylic, varnish or gesso preferred? Should I mix the Pearl-ex with an adhesive and apply it that way?

    I would appreciate any help and ideas.

    Stymied in Vermont...
  • Hi,
    You can apply the Pearl Ex to the metal using a clear acrylic varnish. We recently launched a new product that will do that called Pearl Ex Varnish. Pretty much any good clear acrylic will work. Gesso is normally opaque so that won’t work. Call 1800 442 044 for more details of where to buy the Pearl Ex Varnish.
  • There is at least one clear gesso available, from Liquitex.
  • If it is indeed clear/transparent then it should work.