Dyeing a dress with cotton and nylon parts (not blend)
  • I want to dye a white dress with cotton and nylon parts (not blend) in a lighter shade of blue. It doesn't matter if the nylon dyes a different intensity than the cotton as long as it is a uniform dye job for each fabric* in the dress. Can this be done?

    *The nylon parts are some trim and a built-in slip.
  • Hi dad,

    It most certainly can!
    You've got a couple of options here. You could use Procion MX which will dye only the cotton portion - you end up with a light blue dress with white trim and slip. You could then over dye with Acid dye which will color the nylon. The links for those dyes are: http://jacquardproducts.com/acid-dye.html
    Alternatively you could use iDye for natural fibers and iDye Poly in a mixed dye bath and color both parts at once. The link for the iDye is:http://jacquardproducts.com/idye.html - you'll find a video that addresses just this issue at that page.

    if you have any other questions please don't hesitate!
  • One step iDyeing is appealing but there are 2 issues: (1) the dress says, "Wash in cold water." Can I do a hot dye then? (2) I want a light blue and the only color available is a bright blue (Turquoise looks to deep too, but shade would be alright). Can I dilute the dye for a lighter color? Same issues with acid dye? Fall-back is the Procion MX with white trim.
  • Well, drats! the cold water wash does limit your options. Unless you are willing to risk whatever may happen with the dress due to hot water exposure I'd recommend sticking with the Procion MX.
    This does mean you are going to have white or maybe very, very pale blue trim (sometimes the undyed portion will 'stain') but it does open your options in regard to color.
    Regarding depth of shade - you can control the shade of color by adjusting the amount of dye used in the dye bath. Always a good idea to go to the conservative side with your dye - much easier to over dye than remove dye.

    as before - any questions please don't hesitate.