gutta vs wax type resists
  • I dye nylon with acid dyes, and them steam, and wash with synthropol
    I am looking for a resist that can be applied with a brush, steamed, and would wash out in the synthropol after wash.
    Soy flake resist has been reccommned, but I am not really sure how to use it. Can it be tinted with acid dye? or do I have to paint my image, and then cover with resist before adding the back ground wash?

    The water based Jacquard resist applied easily enough, but when I applied my background wash, the wash bonded with the tinted resist. After steaming and washing I can bearly detect the fine resist details.

    what would be the reasons to use gutta over soy? How is gutta removed?

    If you know of a place online to read information on these products, I would appreciate that, so as not to take up your time with my questions.

    thank you