Tie Dying a Columbia Fishing Shirt
  • I just used IPoly in Yellow and Violet to tie die my Columbia 100% polyester fishing shirt. Used the entire packet of both dyes with the intensifer in individual applicator bottles since I wanted the Purple & Gold of LSU. I had washed the shirt, soaked it for 30 minutes in very highly salted water, wrung out so it was still damp. Applied the rubber bands and then applied the dye as I wished. Then placed in a bag for 24 hours as directed in a warm place for color to cure....... Took out and rinsed with cool water, then used lukewarm as I took the bands off. Directions stated then wash in hot water which I did......95% of the color washed out.

    Help I need to have this shirt done and finished by next weekend. All directions followed to the letter.

    Please help me!!!
  • Dear Boo,

    I'm afraid you must have used the directions for Procion MX dyes with the iDye Poly. We do not have directions such as you described for the iDye Poly because we know that this method will not work with that particular dye.
    Polyester and iDye Poly require significant heat in order to fix the dye to the fibers. Generally speaking the only way to 'tie dye' with the iDye Poly would be to tie the garment and immerse into the dye bath which you would then bring to a boil. This would allow for the application of only one dye color at a time and the affect is quite different than that achieved with the direct application method used with Procion MX dyes.
    An alternative to the dye, in this case, is Dye-Na-Flow paints. These are a very light bodied, light handed pigment which you could apply directly to the shirt. While the paint is VERY light handed there may be a bit of 'feel' to the paint when all is said and done.
    You would apply the paint as if it were a dye though I would use somewhat less. You can also thin the paint with up to 25% water if you wanted less intense colors. Once the paint has dried completely, you would heat set with an iron for wash-fastness. Alternatively you could add AirFix to the paint before 'dyeing' and the paint will cure to fastness within 72 hours after it has dried. (I usually toss my piece into the dryer after the paint has dried - just for a little extra 'push' on the fixing process)
    for more info on Dye-Na-Flow here is the link to its page: http://jacquardproducts.com/dye-na-flow.html

    hope this helps - don't hesitate to write if you have more questions
  • It was IPoly and I got it at Joanne Fabrics. The girls there looked at the shirt and recommended the dye and using the applicator bottles. Just looked at the package and no where does it say IDye Poly, only IPoly. The instructions did say it could be applied with a applicator bottle. Didn't have any other dye so I can say categorically I did not have any Procion MX dyes. Not going to try to pain and then iron.....as that is a PITA and I don't have that much time to spend doing a shirt. There must be some type of dye I can mix in applicator bottles and apply so this can be done fairly quickly.I appreciate your help.....
  • Well, if it is a product called IPoly and the instructions say it can be used with an applicator bottle then it is not ours - our polyester dye is called iDye Poly and the instructions are very specific regarding the need for immersion in very hot (boiling) water.
    Perhaps the folks at Joanne Fabrics can help?