beginner Batik questions
  • I am preparing to teach a simple Batik workshop to a small group of high school students. I have done this with cold-dyes before, but I'm wondering if Procion dyes would produce more brilliant colors.

    The catch is that I'm trying to accomplish a two-color Batik process in two hours, so soaking in a dye bath for more than 10 minutes isn't really an option. If I did use Procion dyes, I would likely have the dye baths already mixed up for students, and each bath would be used repeatedly. Would it be best to mix soda ash in before anyone immersed their fabric? Or would a pre-soak in a soda ash bath for each fabric square be better than dissolving it in the dye ahead of time?

    Also, I've looked on the website for mixing proportions, and haven't been able to find any tips that fit my exact needs. How much dye powder would I want to use it approximately 1 gallon of water?

    So many questions! I would love some advice. Thanks in advance for your help!
  • Hi,

    Rather than immersion dyeing the fabric in the dye bath you may find that pre-soaking in soda ash and painting the color on to be most effective and manageable in the two hour time frame.

    MX dyes are measured in a ratio of fabric being dyed to weight of dye being used in the immersion bath and unfortunately that ratio varys per color.

    For painting with one gallon of water I would suggest about 4-8 tablespoons of dye depending on the color.

  • thank you for the tips... I look forward to trying out that technique!