Resists when painting
  • I'm new to painting on fabric..I do quilting and painting but have never painted on fabric..I bought the Gutta resist and the water based resist. What are the differences? I'm just using white cotton muslin to start with. If I'm painting designs, do I just outline the design with the resists? How long to dry before I start painting? Thanks
  • The Gutta Resist is a solvent base, so you will notice more of an odor when you use it. This alone makes it undersirable for some folks. It is the traditional resist used for silk painting and must be removed by dry cleaning.

    The Waterbased Resist works the same way as the Gutta, but washes out easily with warm water.

    Permanent Metallic Resists are waterbased resists that can be washed and dry cleaned.

    You are correct---you do just the outline of your design with the resist. Allow the resists (any of them) to dry to touch before you begin painting. Here are some projects that use the technique:
    Good luck!

  • I understand that Gutta must be dry cleaned, but if I'm painting fabric for an art quilt, would I even need to remove the resist? And if I'm using water soluable resists to outline my project, would I have to wash it before I did my painting on the fabric? Thanks so much for your helpful responses.
  • Hi Cissyclo,

    It's fine to leave the Gutta (or the Waterbased Resist) in if you prefer. It just leaves a bit of a hand to the fabric.

    As for the Waterbased Resists--you always want to leave them in until you finish painting. You need that resist in the fiber to hold back the paint (or dye). This goes for Gutta as well.

    We'd love to see pictures of your quilt when you are finished!