• Hi, I am dyeing alpaca yarn using Denim Blue. I used citric acid and hand painted the dye on. After steam setting and cooling it rinsed clear. I then washed it with a few drops of Unicorn Fiber Wash and the dye began to run in large amount. When I rinsed it in tepid water, no dye running. To experiment I repeated the process, wash with UFW and rinsed. Same results now seeing white yarn. I used a different shade of blue in the exact same manner and the dye stayed fast even with washing with UFW. What's up? 2 skeins are now destroyed and I am out $$ in my store because of this. Any ideas? ~~~~ 2nd question: What is the ration of vinegar to water using Jaquard dyes?
  • Oh, the same thing happened with sapphire blue.
  • Hi Lisa,

    First, a bunch of questions: what brand is the Denim Blue dye and is it an Acid Dye? What was the actual color name/number of the different blue that was successful? Did you use both colors on the same lot of alpaca? How long and at what temp did you steam your yarns? Was the initial rinse (that ran clear) with cool or warm water?
    I did take a look at the Unicorn Fibre Wash page and with a brief perusal it looks like the Wash is often used as a scour - while this may contribute to some of the removal of color I'm thinking that there must be something else going on as your yarn rinsed to white and the second batch with the alternate color held onto the dye just fine.
    Let me know about the above questions - I know it is incredibly frustrating to have a dye job go bad and not know how to address it!
    As for your question about vinegar, for immersion dye we recommend 1/4 cup of vinegar for each pound of fabric.

    i look forward to hearing from you