painting on linen
  • I painted some Belfast Linen with Lumiere Halo Violet Gold and now am doing some hand embroidery on the linen. Unfortunately, some fabric threads are breaking as I stitch. Since the linen and embroidery thread are from a set of class materials, and the class instructor has not seen this problem before, I'm wondering if the paint is weakening the fabric. (Painting it was my idea, not normally part of the class.) Has anybody else experienced this? Any ideas?
  • Hi,
    I have never heard of that problem either unfortunately. I would doubt that the Lumiere is the cause as it is designed to go on to fabric. Is the linen old or is it possable that it was exposed to bleach. That will weaken fibers.
  • The age of the fabric is impossible to know. The rest of the class members (who all had unpainted fabric) did not have any problem.
  • Hi,
    As I said I doubt it was the paint but please feel free to call 1800 442 0455 and speak to one of our customer servise reps.
    Regards Celia