100% Nylon Taffeta
  • I apologize if this is not the right forum for this question...I am a complete beginner when it comes to anything crafty.

    I am getting married and am having a very simple gown made. No detailing/beading/etc. whatsoever on the gown other than a corset-type lacing up the back which is going to be in hot pink.

    It was suggested that I dye my petticoats to match the lacing so that I have a little flash of color under the skirt to add a little oomph to the dress. I loved the idea! Jacquard Acid Dyes where recommended because of the fabric (100% Nylon Taffeta), so I purchased some in Hot Fuchsia and gave it a shot.

    The problem is that it came out rather bright/light pink rather than hot pink/fuchsia. I followed the instructions and I even dyed it a second time with no luck in deepening the color. But in each rinse cycle, the majority of the color just washed right out.

    My questions are...

    I have a front load washing machine. Am I able to dye fabrics in a front load machine? (The first dye attempt was done at my sister's in a top load machine and I would really hate to ask to impose on her again.)

    The same person who suggested I dye the petticoats suggested using salt. The directions indicate vinegar. Is this okay to do and will it make a difference?

    Would letting it soak for hours and hours make a difference?

    Help!? Any other suggestions that might make a difference?

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
  • Hi Dawn,

    It's always a little tricky to dye Nylon. The Acid Dyes will work on some but not all Nylons. So you got some result (hurray:) ) but not exactly what you were hoping for :( . Adding salt to the dye bath isn't going to help much here (and you definitely don't want to use it instead of vinegar). The front load washer is fine--especially if you can adjust the cycles to get a better soak. You may get better results using the stove top method---here is the link to the instructions


    If you still don't get the results you want I have one more thing you could try that might really be neat. Our Dye-Na-Flow is a paint that is very fluid and leaves the fabric very soft. You can use it on just about any kind of fabric--your nylon taffeta will be great!---Just paint the most visible edges of your petticoats, fade them into the dyed pink you have and Voila! You have a very special, fun look!

    Hope this helps. Do reply if there is anything else I can help you with.
    And congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  • Noelle,

    Thanks so much for the input. I am going to try to dye the petticoat again with the acid dye as I have already bought an additional supply of it for that purpose.

    I do like the suggestion of using Dye-Na-Flow and will look into that if needed. Looking online at the Dye-Na-Flow color chart, it looks like the hot fuchsia is rather light...is that fairly accurate (well, as accurate as on online color chart can be)?

    Please keep your fingers crossed for me that I have better luck the second go-around!

    Take care,
  • Hi Dawn,

    In real life, the Dye-Na-Flow Hot Fuschia is almost florescent. Depending on the color of your laces, you may want to mix it with some other shade of red (it's impossible for me to make any suggestion here--not seeing the color and all :) )

    Good luck with your next round of dyeing---may the dye goddess smile upon you!