idye poly blotches
  • I've just dyed a pure polyester coat with idye poly and there are some darker coloured blotches on the front. It's like the colour has concentrated in some places. How can I correct this and have an even colour?
  • Hi Rubi,

    First to cover a couple of the possible causes - the blotches could be caused by undissolved dye, previously unnoticed stains, or insufficient stirring during the dye process.
    Because the coat is polyester removing the dye is difficult so over dyeing with the original color or with a darker color may help diminish the blotchiness.
    Wish I had more help to offer - if it were a natural fiber I'd recommend using Color Remover and starting over, but with the poly content overdyeing is really the only option.

  • Yes, that is what I thought I'd have to do. I used blue on a beige coat. Should I just use twice as much blue, or change to a darker colour?
  • Because dye is transparent any pattern, color or blotches :( will affect the final color. I recommend using black to ensure your best possible results.
    It also occurred to me that temperature might be a factor - you'll want to make sure you bring the temperature of the water in the dye pot right up to a boil and maintain that for at least 1/2 hour. Another little tip - predissolve the dye in a jar of very hot water before adding it to the dye bath.

    if you have any other questions, don't hesitate
  • Thank you for your help!