painting on velour - help
  • Hi,

    I'm thinking of making new cushion covers from velour (82% rayon/18% silk), but I also would like to paint something on them. Which paints/ dyes should I use to have the best result, and how would I paint a detailed patterns on velour? Using paint brushes or some other technique? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Hi Besyli,

    Thanks for writing in.
    Painting velour certainly can be done and because you want detail I would recommend the Neopaque for best coverage and controllablility. I do recommend that you do some test painting - particularly to note how the fabric holds the paint and to check that the hand of the paint is acceptable to you. Because velour has a nap there will be considerable effect from the paint.

    hope this helps and don't hesitate to write if you have any further questions.
  • Thank you for your help. Will try with neopaque :).