Steam or Oven
  • I am going try dyeing some merino/silk wool with acid dyes.
    Is the best method to put in oven or steam and for how long?
  • Hi there,

    If what you are doing is painting with Acid Dyes then you would steam for about 45 minutes. But if you are going for all-over color then the best method is immersion dyeing and that involves slowly raising the temperature of the dyebath and holding it just below boiling. Here is the link to those instructions

    Happy dyeing!

  • thanks I am painting with the dyes so steaming is best for it.
    How would I create a lighter colour, not so intense?
  • You can change the intensity of the by by mixing a more dilute solution---In other words, just add a bit more water (or less dye powder) to your painting mixture. You'll have to experiment to get the best shades for your project.

  • thank you, I shall experiment and have fun!!!:)