Wood, plastics, foams, and other materials
  • We make custom signs, inlays, dimensional objects and are always looking for new finishes. We just found out about the Pearl-X finishes and they look fantastic. Are there any base materials it will NOT work with or can one apply to wood, PVC, Foam, aluminum, Eurethane, acrylic,etc?
    If anyone out there applies to these substrates or anyone from the factory would care to let me know, I would gratly appreciate it.
  • Hi Jhicks,

    You shouldn't have any problem applying Pearl Ex on any of those surfaces provided you mix them into a clear medium appropriate to the substrate.
    The Pearl Ex Pigments themselves are basically inert---mica platelettes coated in metal oxides.

    By the way....what is CNC?:)

  • You asked what CNC is - it means "Computer-assisted Numerical Control. Basically, it amounts to computerised metalworking. I teach CNC programming during the winter months...