immersion dyeing drapery
  • I am sending many homegoods to Hospice Thrift Store in the morning. But...I really need lined draperies that my parents gave to me. They are still in drycleaning bags, lined, but the fabric is yellowed. They have a pattern using some thin smoked blue lines (vertical) and a few abstract type iris designs(apricot). At their prime the background was peach. I do not mind dying the lining along with the fabric. I am an art teacher on a very limited budget because of an illness. If I can salvage these by dying with a carmel color or whatever is suggested, I am hoping for a tone on tone outcome. This all may be moot as I do not see the fabric content but it feels like heavy weight cottons. They are pleated and about 108" long.
    Thank you for any thoughts on this!
  • Hi Barb,

    You may have some luck dyeing your curtains with Procion dyes, but without knowing the fibre content, it is a gamble. As far as color is concerned---I am reluctant to make a recommendation as color is so subjective and there are so many factors to consider (your general color scheme in the room is the main concern here). You could try 170 Ecru or 230 Pearl Grey. One of the darker colors in a weak solution may please you. The important thing when taking on something like this is to understand that it may not turn out the way you expect and be willing to try something else.
    Here is the link to the Procion page

    Good luck!
  • dear noelle,

    thank you for your color suggestions! i realize this is a big gamble and my procion dyes are outdated so after i give this a shot, i'll let you know what happened. thanx again,