soda ash soak time?
  • i would like to know if it is ok to soak tied items in the soda ash for as long as 24-48 hrs... will this cause problems with the dying process... also my colors on the items are not as vivid this time... wonder what could be the problem with my process?
    lisa c in ohio
  • Hi Lisa,

    Soaking your items for longer periods will not cause any problems with the dyeing process.
    Regarding the colors on your most recent dye job not being as vivid - some possible points to consider:
    How long before the dyeing did you mix your dye with water?
    Are the items all 100% cotton?
    Did you soak the items in soda ash for at least 20 minutes?
    Did you change the dye to water ratio when you mixed them?
    Did the items remain damp during the batch time?
    Did you allow the items to batch for 12 - 24 hours?

    If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to write.