• I've recently bought a coat for Renfest's. It is a gold and red brocade, with a black velvet collar and cuffs. I bought it because of the great deal, not the colors (I look horrible in red). I was hoping to dye the coat to one color (dark blue or green, possibly grey), but I'm not sure what to use. It's dry clean only, so I'm left with painting it on. I'm hoping to keep it reasonably soft, so I'm reaching out to anyone that can help.
  • Dear Scott,

    As you are planning to paint the coat you might want to consider Dye-Na-Flow for the softest hand (feel). The draw back, in this case, to Dye-Na-Flow is that it is a transparent paint (much like a dye) and so the underlying color will affect your final outcome. Midnight Blue would probably be your best bet, though you may end up with a more purple affect over the red and perhaps a greenish blue over the gold. Black might be another good possiblility.
    Another alternative would be our Textile paints. They are simi-opaque and would cover the underlying colors more effectively, but again may be (marginally) affected by the underlying colors. I would again recommend a dark color, Navy, Black or maybe Emerald Green. There will be a bit more hand with the Textile paints than with the Dye-Na-Flow, but it would still be reasonably soft.
    With either of the paints I would recommend testing in an inconspicuous area of the coat before plunging into the whole job.
    Both paints need to be heat set with an iron for wash-ability or you can use the AirFix product to eliminate the need for heat setting.
    Dye-Na-Flow - http://jacquardproducts.com/dye-na-flow.html
    Textile Paints - http://jacquardproducts.com/textile-color.html
    AirFix - http://jacquardproducts.com/airfix.html

    hope this helps
  • Thanks Annette :)
  • I heard they could be heat set in a dryer. Is that true? And would it be an issue to dry them in a pillowcase or some thing similar? My wife will not take too kindly to me ruining her new dryer :)
  • Hi Scott,

    I've had people tell me that they had good success with that method, but having experienced wash out when I tried to cut corners has made me shy of doing anything that I haven't tested prior to committing to a final project. All that to say on a one off like this the dryer wouldn't be my first choice.
    (I would however, toss it in the dryer if I used the AirFix - I love being doubly sure)
    If you are going to toss it in the dryer either turn it inside out or the pillowcase is a good idea. The paints don't generally rub off, but I've found the inside out method extends the life of even commercial screen prints, etc. so I always just do that. Also, if you do decide to iron, use a light weight cloth (cotton is best) between the iron & the coat or iron on the back of the garment.

  • Again, thanks Annette :)
  • Well, it finally came in. I bought it off of Ebay, looked great, awesome price, my size.....well, except that last part. It has a 3X tag. It fits my son, he's a large. So while I appreciate the help, not much sense in trying to change it now. I'll just be reposting it on ebay with the correct size, and hope I break even.
  • ow! Do hope you can turn it around.