Screenprinting on 100% silk fabric
  • I'm brand new here and need help sorting out the proper materials to use for a project I'm doing for my serigraphy class in art school. For my big final project I want to silkscreen a design onto silk fabric. I have purchased a white Jacquard Habotai 100% Chinese silk scarf 35" x 35". I need to know exactly which textile ink to use for silkscreening onto this particular fabric. I am required to push ink through a screen for this assignment so I will not be allowed to apply paint or dye by hand. Will textile ink run or will it stay put as a crisp image on the silk fabric? Will they be bold colors or pale? Any tips or warnings for me? It will help greatly to be re-assured of the right materials before I begin. Time is of the essence.Thanks for a speedy reply. It's due in 2 weeks!
  • Hi there,
    For screening you have a number of options. The Textile Colors will work, as will the Neopaque paints. We also have the Jacquard Screen Ink line which is designed specifically for screening as well as the Versatex Printing Inks.
    All of these paints work well in a screening application but each has its own qualities. The Versatex and Jacquard Screen Ink are simi-transparent and can be layered to create different colors. The Neopaque covers even dark colors well and the Textile colors, while not as opaque work well on lighter backgrounds.
    Also, each of the products will create a different hand to the fabric. The Textile colors and the Versatex will have the lightest with the Jacquard Screen Ink being a bit heavier and the Neopaque creating the most hand.
    All the above products require heat setting.
    Good luck on your final...