Textile paints used as a resist?
  • I know I saw a post on this forum about this but I can't find it again. It has haunted me ever since I read it....

    If I paint with the various textile paints on fabric (all Jacquard paints) will the paint create a resist? Could I then use the dynaflow in the unpainted areas without worrying too much about the dynaflow getting in to the painted areas? I don't paint on silk, this would be all other types of fabric. If so, that would be a huge time saver! Also, I've probably tortured myself for years for no reason!

    BTW, I used No Flow on my last project and I can't believe how great it worked! A true miracle product!
  • Hi Axe,

    Textile paints, including Lumiere, Textile, Neopaque and Screen Inks can be used to create resist lines for painting. The one caveat I would point out is that with fabrics other than silk (or even on thicker silks) you may not get resist lines that penetrate the fabric completely and therefore may get some bleeding around the lines through the 'back' of the fabric.
    That can be mitigated by painting the Dye-Na-Flow with a dryer brush or by using No Flow in conjunction with the resist lines.

    Hope this helps
  • Annette,

    Thanks for your quick answer. Well, the mind reels with the possibilities now. That's very interesting that it will flow on the back. Hadn't thought of that. But now that I know the NO Flow really works, I'll incorporate that into the process.

    Thanks! Lisa
  • Lisa,

    Glad to help!

    Happy painting