Bought dark and light brown with cream back ground Jacquard dress duster jacket.Want to dye it blue
  • I have water bath dyed in the past many times but only ever used rit dye,this forum I see lots of other kinds of methods and products, Can anyone suggest a product that would make the creamy background a blue and the browns a dark navy blue and keep the jacquard pattern showing? The fabric will dye easy because it is 75% cotton and 25% silk.
  • hello, did anyone read this?
  • I think this will work. What kind of Blue do you want? I would go with a pretty strong. I am a little concerned about the brown. Something this big probably works best in the washer with Idye. That will dye the cotton and silk equally. Royal blue maybe.

    Brown+Blue can be an issue. It will get a dark blue, but how pretty is blue added to brown? It might be a muddy blue i think. Sort of depends on the how cool or warm the brown is. If it is a yellow brown, you may end up with more of a forest green. Think carefully about what the undertone to the brown is.
  • thank you for the replies, the brown is cool so I think I will try the idye,will post a before and after picture