Advice needed on dyeing 100% silk jacquard
  • I want to dye a 3 yard piece of scarlet red jacquard to a deeper shade of red. It says it's 100% silk jacquard on the label and it has a shiny black embroidered flower. Also shiny outlines of flowers. I would love to hear any tips and how-tos anyone with experience can give me. Thanks in advance!! P.s. I will include a link with pictures of the fabric in the comments.
  • I think the embroidery will be fine. It may take on some of the red, but I suspect the shininess means it is synthetic so it won't dye. You shoudl use a jacquard acid dye. Cherry red leans magenta and fire red leans toward yellowish or warmer red. Crimson is a very deep red like blood red if you want something very dark. For a scarf to get dark you should use the stove top directions and use 2% dye for a medium color and 4% for a dark color by weight of the scarf. It is helpful to weigh the scarf, but a more general rule of thumb would be half a tablespoon of dye for med, and a whole tablespoon for dark.
  • Thank you Jacquardmod! If I dye 3 yards at once, what would be the best way to get a consistent, even color? I'd hate to mess up the fabric by making it blotchy :(
  • Acid dyes give very even color for the most part. They are great that way. As long as you don't add the citric acid or vinegar right away and wait 10 min, that will help. The other thing is the fabric must move very freely tumbling over itself in the pot. IF there is room to move in the pot, that is the best way to make sure the color comes out even.
  • Silk is naturally shinny so it doesn't mean it's synthetic. I hear it's very easy to dye. I'm eager to see how your project worked.