Dyeing a vintage Kimono, any advice?
  • I recently purchased a white/ creamy vintage silk bridal kimono 10-20+ years old. I would like to try and dye it a wisteria color in the washer machine, I'm willing to take the chance. Anyways, I have 172 inches worth of fabric and its heavy, my question is how much dye, salt and white vinegar would I need to buy? I would like dye it a not too pale or not too dark color, any advice would be helpful, thanks for your time.
  • Usually you would want between 1-4% dye. That is based on the weight. I think you shoudl try to weigh it to make sure. For a medium shade you want 2% so if it weights 5lbs x.025=.125lbs or 1.6 oz. That is 3 baby bottles of acid dye.

    Our Lilac is very much like a google image search of Wisteria

  • and should I put the kimono inside out when dying or it doesnt matter it does have some embroidery its all white ?
  • It won't matter that much. The dye will go where it wants to. How much the embroidery dyes is up to what kind of thread was used. Polyester thread won't dye at all, cotton thread will barely change color, and silk thread will dye completely. Acid dye is not good on cotton or poly, but is great for silk of course.
  • Thank you :)