• Hi, I have a few questions. I tried emailing customer service but never heard back. I am hoping to hear from Jacquard staff.

    1: Does Jacquard conduct, commission, or pay for any tests on animals?

    2: Is your Procion MX Jet Black dye vegan? (free of animal/insect derived ingredients)

    3: I want to dye white cotton clothing black. I want it to be as dark as possible, and long-lasting such that it will remain dark after being used and machine washed. Is Procion MX Jet Black the best option or is there something better?

    4: If I use Procion MX Jet Black, should I do it with or without soda ash in order to get the darkest and longest-lasting color?

    Thank you so much.

  • 1. No we don't.

    2. Yes it is

    3. Procion is a fiber reactive dye, and that means it is the most resistant to wash out of any dye there is. It has to be bleached to remove the color from the fiber. Heat does not help most mx dyes, but it will get black blacker. Use hot water if possible. I also suggest using 2x the amount of dye for black. 2tbspoons per lb instead of 1.

    4. Soda ash makes the color more than 100% darker, so if you want the darkest color, you have to use soda ash.

    bonus tip

    Use 2 cups of salt in your dye bath. Salt really helps the dye jump on. You can get a very good color from Procion Jet black if you follow these steps.
  • Thank you so much. You said "It has to be bleached to remove the color from the fiber". You are referring to bleaching the clothing to turn it white before dying, meaning that if it is already white, then there is no need to bleach it, correct?

    You also said to use hot water. Should I use really hot (i.e. boiled) water, or just hot tap water?
  • I was just referring to the dye's permanence. It is really permanent and must be bleached to get it to go away.

    Hot water from the tap is great. You don't need hotter than that.
  • Thanks for the help!