Screen Printing Ink
  • So how can I deal with an brand new ink that I've just opened and find that it is way too thick to spread? I read on the jar that I can add water, which I tried, but I couldn't get the consistency right. I finally got it sort of working and then after 2 test prints on paper it started to dry on the screen.

    Is there another additive I might try? Would there be any reason to not just add water straight to the container and mix, and then store for later use? I was trying to pull out just enough for testing and mix that, but getting it right was too difficult.

    This was the red color and a completely different consistency from the lovely magenta I opened and used yesterday, right out of the pot! Both brand new, still sealed.
  • It's possible the red was very old, I suppose. There is a stamped batch number near the barcode that can help me determine that.

    There are 2 different types of thickening. There is curdling where the ink becomes lumpy and has chunks. That is pretty much unusable and has gone bad. Then there is just really thick, which it sounds like you have most likely.

    The problem here is that you don't want to add too much water as it speeds teh dry time and gives you the drying in your screen issue. That is counter intuitive that it dries faster when you add water, but it is because you are diluting the screen life in there that keeps the ink wet longer.

    You can add a little water directly to the jar, but you should add very very small amounts see how it is and add more if you need to. If you are still having trouble I will replace the jar for you.
  • Thanks for the info. I am going to try again. The number stamped next to the barcode is 47615. It's not lumpy, just super thick.

    Do these go bad if not used quickly? I've been looking for a product that I can keep on hand for printing over monoprinted (with acrylic) textiles and onto paper. I have little 8 oz jars on hand, but that goes quickly! So I was considering the 16oz or the quart sizes if I can make these work for me.
  • This is one of the most stable lines of color that we have. It is surprising that that batch is different. The opaque colors are a little thicker, but prob not that much. The inks last years and years. I used some from 5 years ago just the other day. This is a mystery I will check that batch.