Arashi Shibori tiedye technique
  • Mostly, I just want to see if it's possible to post a picture here.

    This shirt was wrapped around a 1 1/2 foot pole made of PVC... not something you could pick up at Home Depot. I guess a 5 gallon bucket would work for this. I used fishing twine to wrap around it. As you can see, I folded the shirt once at an angle, and then loaded it onto the pole at a slight angle. I made the twine very tight, and it took a lot of strength to squeeze the fabric together after it was all loaded (it was wet, presoaked in soda ash). Then I just squirted a uniform layer of brown cold dye. I wrapped plastic wrap around it to keep it from drying and let it sit for 24 hours. I really like the results.

    Edited: tried & failed to post image

    It looks like the image is not posting though. I'll just put a link.

  • Here's another one. This time I loaded the shirt onto the pole, and then alternated colors.
  • Love the brown one especially because I love the hint of zebra! Must try.