Acid Dye Bath Reusable?
  • Hi, I noticed in the instructions for the stove top method for the Acid Dye that the vinegar is added after the water reached the desired temperature of 180f. I noticed the washing machine method says to add the vinegar to the dye at the same time.

    I was wondering if after I completed my dying (on the stove top) can I reuse the same dye bath even though the vinegar is already in it? I have been dying wool felt and also sheepskin.

    Btw the Jacquard dyes are fabulous. Thanks Kate
  • Not every dye is ok to reuse the bath. Procion jumps to mind as a bath that you should not reuse.

    Acid dye is ok. I do not reuse much, but I don't do acid dyeing daily. I have some customers who say they have been using the same bath all year. It really helps that acid dyes exhaust so well, so some actually use different color in the same bath over time.

    So, yes, you can keep using the same bath. Keep notes and track any changes you see, and you can let us know if you have any changes over time.
  • Excellent! Thanks so much!