Using acid dye with Silk ,is it hotter the better with water temp?
  • Hi I am thinking to use acid dye on silk on stove top but highest temp will be 100c if I'm lucky. I have seen an autoclave which will boil water up to 137c .I understand silk will not loose its suppleness boiled at high temps.BUT IS IT THE CASE THAT THE HIGHER THE TEMPERATURE THE WATER THE SILK IS IN , THE BETTER THE COLOUR ?
  • Ps (an autoclave is normally used to put tools in that need sterilising) however they do boil and maintain water at very high temperatures, would this work with silk in it....or not? As don't you need to stir it whilst the temperature is maintained, and this device has a shut lid on it
  • I think this would work. The hotter the better for the most part. No stirring is a bit of an issue, but as long as the fabric is moving freely, it should be ok. The acid dyes are among the most even coloring dyes.
  • Was thinking of suspending one small piece of fabric at a time from a thread (bit like dunking the tea bags you get with a string in a mug) then shutting the lid . So fabric will be fully immersed in the water. Am guessing this will be ok or does it need the agitation? Cheers for answering as this is a very important and exciting project
  • Agitation is always a good idea. It just makes sure the dye goes on evenly. Acid dyes are among the most even of dyes though, so they need less stirring than other dyes. I wouldn't try this with a cold water dye like Procion MX, but with acid dyes it could work.