Printing Pearlex Ink?
  • Would it be possible to make a sort of pearlex ink w/ gum arabic and put it inside of an Epson printer that allows custom ink cartridges? Would that work or would the ink eventually dry out and ruin my printer's print head? Thank you everyone. I just want to be able to print custom designs with the pearlex sparkly glow it has.
  • It is an awesome idea, but that is definitely going to mess up the print head. The pearl ex doesn't dissolve in water, it is just suspended. Each pigment particle is many times larger than the smalles particle coming from the print head. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    Even with screen printing you do not want to use pear ex in anything mesh finer than 220. Certain large flake pigments like Macropearl have trouble even through that.
  • what might you recommend then for custom designs? i love pearlex so much, it really sucks that I can never use it to make awesome creations!