Substitute for Cold Wax???
  • Good Day and Hello!
    I was wondering if anyone may know where I can buy cold wax or knows of a good substitute that I do not need to heat up- like soy wax or Batik-type waxes.
    The cold wax that I was using I was buying from a company online- Pro Chem & Dye Company. They recently discontinued selling cold wax. I do not know If they made it or bought it from some other company and the customer service representatives were not knowledgeable about this item, as well.
    The cold wax was a white liquid at room temperature and when not exposed to the air. Once exposed to the air the wax starts to solidify into a soft wax that feels like normal candle wax. I do not know from what the cold wax is made or who else may produce it; I don't even know if I could make it myself!
    It was suggested to me to look at a candle decorating "pen". I could only find pens that were hollow and were to be filled with some type of filling in it that was not cold wax!
    If anyone has any other ideas or knows of anything else that is like cold wax or can be used like cold wax, I'd love to know!
    I use cold wax like one would use masking or friskit in watercolor. I also use it as a "stay put" liquid with color on my silks.
    Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
    Thank you, in advance, for your time!
    God Bless! :o)
  • We sell a cold wax called Dorland's wax medium. It is used just as you described.
  • Thank you for your help.
    I am needing to be able to put the cold wax onto the silk fabric and it 'act' like a resist. Once finished I need to be able to either melt it off with the iron or have it 'disappear'/evaporate/steam off the silk when I steam set my silks.
    I know about cold waxes that artists use with acrylics, oils, encaustics, etc. I had 'spoke' with a person from an artist group that heavily uses cold wax with their mediums. This guy had said that it would not be considered safe for using with my silk fabrics.
    Can the Dorland's Wax Medium be safely used with my silks?
  • This is a message from the boss. I did not realize people were using cold wax in this way. Our cold wax medium is not the right thing to use for this purpose. Here is what Asher said:

    "Pro Chem had a product called cold wax that they recently discontinued. I know Dupont also has one, but it is a little different.
    The reason to use a cold wax is to so you can paint over the resist. I would first ask this person if that is what they are trying to do. If they are not trying to do batik style work, our WB Resist might be fine.
    Otherwise, we don’t really have anything that could be considered “cold wax.” The best we have is Soy Wax, which has a melting point of 100F. "
  • Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate your time and help with this matter.
    I will try Asher's suggestion. Thank you, again! God Bless!!!