water-based resist new formula; thinning, and adding dye
  • I'm experimenting with your Jacquard waterbased resist new formula after 20 years with Jacquard solvent based gutta. I use 19mm crepe-back silk satinhttp://www.dharmatrading.com/fabric/silk/charmeuse-195mm.html?lnav=fabric.html, and find I need to thin the wb resist to have it penetrate this thicker (than 10mm habotai) material.
    1. What is best used to thin the resist? Should I use water, or a drop or two of vinegar?
    2. If I want to use my dyes (Sennelier TinFix) to color the resist, what is the proportion of dye to resist that is best? I'm using undiluted dye from the bottle for this.
    Thanks so much for this forum!
  • Water is probably best for thinning. I have done this to penetrate thicker fabrics with great results. I have not used vinegar. It might help to set the dyes.

    The dye should be used at 1-2% for best results. I am not familiar enough with tinfix to know what the concentration of the dye is. If it were me, I would try it at 10% meaning 9 parts resist 1 part dye. If you go beyond that it may compromise the ability of the resist to stop the dye.
  • thanks Jaquardmod. I'll try 10% dye.
  • Thanks Jacquard for sharing this info!