Can I use iDye Poly in a standard front loading washing machine?
  • Hi, I want to dye a polyester mix (•Main: 95% polyester, 5% elastane
    •Lining: 100% polyester)
    maxi dress from light green to gunmetal grey...
    I have bought 2 packs of the iDye poly on the understanding that I could use it in the washing machine but no instructions on how to do this... I haven't got a pot large enough for the dress to 'move freely' to use stovetop method...

    can anyone help please?
  • The Idye poly needs a temp of 100 degrees C or 212 degrees F to activate. When dyed at lower temps it appears to work, but it usually "crocks" or rubs off on arms legs and furniture.

    The heat with the poly dyes can be looked at as a fixative.

    Idye Natural, not poly, is the one that can be used in the washing machine.
  • thanks for the info, off to hunt for a large pot! ;)
  • You are welcome. You will get great results this way