Jacquard No-Flower Primer
  • I took a silk painting class at a community arts center in the spring and fell in love with it. We used the Serti technique and Jacquard green label dyes. So that is what I purchased to use at home.

    I just purchased and tried the Jacquard No-Flow Primer to try (the instructer had no experience with it). I don't know if I did something wrong or what. I let the piece cure for 4 days before I used the liquid dye fixative. I was very disappointed with the results. There was very little color on the silk. What did I do wrong?

    Also, can I steam set the green label dyes? Do I need to add vinegar or anything else to the steam water.

    Thanks for any insight into this.
  • I found my answer. No Flow must be steam set. Live and learn.
  • Glad you got some results. Basically you figured out what Celia was going to recommend for you. Steam set is always preferred.