Dyeing a convertible dress
  • Hello,

    I'm in need of some help. I bought a Henkaa convertible dress in a nude/beige color, and would like to dye it to a dark grey color. The fabric is 92% polyester and 8% spandex. I'm not sure where to begin because I've heard that polyester doesn't dye well. What should I use? If I use a black color, will it turn out black or more grey? Please let me know!
  • Hi Hilary,

    Well, the place to start is at our iDye Poly: http://jacquardproducts.com/assets/jacquard-site/product-pages/dyes/idye/iDye Poly Instructions.pdf. There might be some concern with the spandex portion of the fabric as it doesn't always do well with higher temperatures. Check the washing instructions on the dress for recommended temperatures.
    Short of the iDye Poly, however, there aren't many choices because as you note polyester doesn't dye well with and the higher temperatures are necessary to ensure deep and fixed coverage.

    hope this helps.
  • Hi Annette,

    I looked at the washing instructions for the dress and it says hand wash in cold water, low heat with an iron. Do you think this means if I dye it, it will ruin the dress?
  • Hi again,

    I think there is a possibility that attempting to dye this dress using the iDye Poly could damage the spandex. If you were able to test a bit of the fabric to see how it holds up to the extended high temperature I'd say check it out as you might find that the spandex will do just fine - I have heard of successful poly/spandex dye jobs. BUT, because you probably don't have an extra bit of fabric going forward could result in a mess of a dress.
    Which leaves you with little or no option in terms of dyeing. All is not lost, however. You might consider using our Dye-Na-Flow paint, which is a very flow-able, very light bodied paint. Trying to paint a piece that has as much fabric as your dress has in a smooth even color wouldn't be a beginners project, but you might want to take a look at some different patterning ideas? Check out the Dye-Na-Flow page here: http://jacquardproducts.com/dye-na-flow.html.
    Here is a link to just one of many methods for 'painting' with the Dye-Na-Flow.

    again, hope this helps